Major Projects

KSIDC is developing a Mega Food Park at IGC (Industrial Growth Centre) Pallippuram, Cherthala with the emphasis being on the seafood processing sector. Grant assistance for the same was acquired from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Govt. of India under the Mega Food Park Scheme. Final approval for the project was received on 27.11.2015.

The total cost approved is Rs.129.15 crores with Rs.50 Crores as a grant from the Government of India. The Project is moving ahead smoothly and KSIDC has already received Rs. 28.8 Cr grant amount from the MoFPI.

The KSIDC Marine Mega Food Park has been conceptualized, planned and designed based on the demand-driven hub and spoke model, with the objective being to create an efficient ecosystem for the food processing industry to thrive. It contains three vital components: the Central Processing Centre (CPC), the Primary Processing Centres (PPC) and the Collection Centers (CC).

Project Glance
  • Area-68 acres
  • Location- IGC Alappuzha
  • Project Cost- 130 Crores

KINFRA Mega Food Park Palakkad is a sector specific project for the food processing sector being set up by KINFRA in accordance with the Mega Food Park Scheme (MFPS) of Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Govt. of India. The total project cost is Rs 119.02 crores, with an assistance of Rs 50.00 crores from MOFPI and term loan assistance of Rs 28.34 crores from NABARD.

The primary objective of the MFPS is to provide modern infrastructure facilities along the value chain from the farm to the market. The expected outcome is increased price realization for farmers, creation of high quality processing infrastructure, reduction in wastage, capacity building of producers and processors and creation of an efficient supply chain along with significant direct and indirect employment generation.

The MFPS envisages setting up a three-tiered structure consisting of:

  • Centralized Processing Center (CPC) with infrastructure facilities for food processing activities involving higher-end value addition
  • Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) with infrastructure facilities for pre-processing activities or lower-end food processing
  • Collection Centers (CCs) for facilitating convenient collection of raw materials from farmers.
Project at a Glance Area : 99 acres
Location: Kanjikode

Services offered by KINFRA
  • The entrepreneur can make use of ‘Ready-to-Use’ plots with basic infrastructural requirements (such as roads, power, water, drainage etc) readily made available to him till the periphery of his plot.
  • The entrepreneur can make use of common facilities in the Park like Cold Storages, Q.C. Labs, Common Processing Facilities, etc. on cost sharing basis
  • The entrepreneur can use common services like
    • common security,
    • common office/
    • conference room facilities
  • The entrepreneur can make use of “Single Window Clearance Board” to get statutory clearances/licenses by submitting all the specified documents at one place instead of submitting in different offices and following it up at each place.
  • KINFRA also provides ‘Ready-to-Use’ building space or Standard Design Factory for small enterprises that do not involve heavy machinery or complicated process.
  • The Subsidiary Company of KINFRA namely KINESCO has taken up power distribution licensee within the respective parks, thus making power distribution more efficient.
Other Highlights
  • Land is available for allotment on 30 year lease against payment of a one-time payment of land lease premium.
  • At the end of the lease period, the lease of the land can be renewed for a further period (max 90yrs).
  • The Lease premium for KINFRA Mega Food Park
    • Rs 58.53 lakhs/acre (for first 25 acres – on basis of fulfilment of payment obligations)
    • Rs70.23 lakhs/acre (for next 17.50 acres) and
    • Rs 84.28lakhs/acre (for 7.50 acres).
  • Built-Up space :
    • Available for lease for a period of 10 years against payment of monthly lease rent and security deposit (12 months rent). There would be an increment of 12% every two years. At the end of the lease period, the lease of the built-up space can be renewed for a further period. The rates would be declared shortly and allotment of built-up space would commence.
  • Common facilities
    • Security
    • Street lighting
    • User charges are payable on monthly basis based on common sharing basis.
  • Common Facility Centers
    • Treated water,
    • Cold Storage, (4500 MT capacity)
    • Ripening Chamber (30 MT/Day capacity),
    • Warehouse 7500 sq m area),
    • Pack House (10 MT/hr capacity),
    • Spice Processing Facility (15 MT/Day capacity),
    • Quality Control Laboratory.
    • Effluent treatment,
    • Electricity charges other processing charges) can be utilized against user fees charges on actuals.
  • License Fee - Nominal amount of Rs 100.00/acre towards annual license fee
  • The food processing units coming up in the KINFRA Mega Food Park are eligible for availing grant-in-aid under the Scheme for Creation/Expansion of Food Processing Preservation Capacities (a scheme under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana of Govt. of India). The maximum limit of assistance under the scheme is Rs 5.00 crores.
  • The units are also eligible for concessional Term Loan lending from NABARD under the Food Processing Fund.

One of the most important initiatives of the State towards defence manufacturing is the upcoming KINFRA Defence Park at Ottapalam, Palakkad.

Project at a Glance
  • Area – 60 acres
  • Location – Ottapalam, Palakkad.
  • Total Project cost – Rs 130.84 crore.
  • Central Assistance-Rs 50 crore under Modified Industrial Infrastructure Up gradation (MIIU) Scheme.
  • Central Grant Received-Rs 35 Cr.
  • Total Expenditure till date-Rs 72 Cr
  • Status of Work- 75%
  • Expected date of Completion-31.03.2019
Thrust sectors:
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Defence Navigation Products
  • Avionics
  • Naval Systems
  • Computer Hardware and electronics
  • Tactical communication system
  • Protective clothing and Personal equipment
  • Leasing of land@ approx.Rs 2,10,000/-per cent
  • Leasing of SDF building of around 2,64,638Sq.Ft@ Rs 15/Sq.Ft
  • Administrative building of around 72,406Sq.Ft
  • Warehouses of 28,317 Sq.Ft area
  • Common Utility Centre with 7,271 Sq.Ft. area
Other Components
  • Service yard
  • Car parking, Road and Compound Wall
  • Conference rooms
  • Paint booth
  • Training rooms
  • Tool rooms
  • Water Supply
  • Power Supply etc

The Indian biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based sectors in India and is expected to play a key role in shaping India's rapidly developing economy. With numerous comparative advantages in terms of research and development (R&D) facilities, knowledge, skills, and cost effectiveness, the biotechnology industry in India has immense potential to emerge as a global key player. Kerala is designated as one of the 34 biodiversity spots in the world. It is the land of rich biodiversity highlighted by forest and mountain ranges, numerous rivers, splendid flora and fauna, and all-enveloping verdant vegetation. Coupled with the geographical richness, R&D institutions like the Sree Chitra Centre for Science & Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Regional Research Laboratory, Tropical Botanical Gardens and Research Institute, Central Marine Fisheries Institute, Regional Cancer Centre, Hindustan Life Care Ltd. and many more make Kerala an enormously potent Life Sciences hub of India.

Leveraging these advantages, Government of Kerala is establishing a Life Sciences Park at Thiruvananthapuram with world class infrastructure facilities for life science based industries and R&D institutions. KSIDC has envisaged setting up of an innovation ecosystem through establishment of a Park that is dedicated to promote Life Sciences in the region of Kerala. The Park in Trivandrum will provide the first integrated approach to life science research to markets covering all segments such as agriculture, food and nutrition, human health, animal health and industrial biotechnology. 

Phase I of the proposed Life Sciences Park is under development and is planning to offer facilities such as an Innovation cum Incubation Center, Research cum Learning Center, Animal Science facility, Bio-Process facility, a Medtech prototyping, design and validation center and toxicology services among others. The objective of Phase I is to encourage innovation and provide various support services to incubatee companies within the Bio Park. The infrastructure facilities such as power, water and internal roads have been completed in Phase I and implementation of projects are at various stages. Some of the projects that are coming up in park are Institute of Advanced Virology, Medical Devices Park, Innovation cum Incubation Centre etc.

The second phase of the Bio 360 Life sciences Park is envisaged as a critical extension of Phase I, whereby it is proposed to acquire and develop another 130 acres of land for industrial use by companies in various sectors of life sciences to setup and operate standalone commercial manufacturing or related facilities. While Phase I boasts of significant level of shared facilities and incubation space for smaller companies, Phase II will offer larger parcel of land for companies to setup large scale commercial activity with their own facilities. Additionally, Phase II companies can also benefit from the shared infrastructure in Phase I. To the extent reasonably feasible, Phase II will cluster similar companies together, leading to an increase in synergy through mutual collaborations.

KSIDC is setting up a Life Sciences Park at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to leverage the natural advantages of the state in life sciences sector. The Park is coming up on a 75-acre campus and was originally conceived keeping in view the opportunities in Research and Development and Manufacturing in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences sectors in the State. The facilities here include:

  • Incubation Centre to accommodate 20 incubates, initially.
  • cGMP compliant bioprocess facility to be made available on time sharing basis.
  • Ready to occupy the built-up area for R&D and Manufacturing activities.
  • Animal House, Disease Diagnostic Centre & Testing Facilities to be made available to the occupant companies /institutions of the Life Sciences Park.

KINFRA Electronic Cluster is being established in 67 acres of land in Kakkanad, Kochi with assistance from the Government of India under Electronic Manufacturing Cluster Scheme of the Ministry of IT & Electronics

Project at a Glance
  • Area – 67 acres
  • Location – Kakkanad,Kochi
  • Total Project cost – Rs 140.01 crore
  • Central Assistance-Rs 50 crore under Electronic Manufacturing Cluster Scheme of the Ministry of IT & Electronics
  • Central Grant Received-Rs 10 Cr
  • Developed plots
  • Manufacturing Complex
  • 1 lakh sq.ft Standard Design Factory –Work Awarded
Other Components
  • Internal Roads
  • Water Supply
  • Power Supply
  • 20 Acre Phase-I development in progress
  • Allotment process started

The Electronic Hub proposed at Kochi is an important project spearheaded by the Government of Kerala to promote Electronic Hardware manufacturing and assembling units, along with R & D Centres and supporting infrastructure for the same. The project fully complies with the National Manufacturing Policy of the Govt. of India for promoting more manufacturing industries in the country for the purpose of economic growth and employment generation. The Electronic Hub is a high priority area, which will promote a large number of small, medium and large scale industries in the State and will form a National Investment & Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) for production of Electronic Hardware items. KSIDC has identified suitable land at Amballoor Village in Ernakulam District for the Park.

  • Area-100 acres
  • Project cost- Rs.600 Crores

The Petrochemical Park is being set up at the 481-acre Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore (FACT) site at Ambalamughal. Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) is in charge of developing the Park. A zone is earmarked for Pharmaceutical Industries as well.

Advantages of the Park are:
  • Location advantage of being in a metropolis like Kochi.
  • Value-addition potential through downstream industries utilizing feedstock from the Petchem complex.
  • Most of the raw materials/utilities required for downstream industries.
  • Pipeline connectivity from Refinery enables cost-competitiveness.
  • Catalysing downstream investment in Micro/Small/ Medium Enterprises sector (MSME).
  • Presence of GAIL Pipelines.
  • Presence of KEIL for disposal of Hazardous waste.
  • Scope for development of ancillary industries and supporting services/logistics/ outsourcing.

Government of India is implementing/developing 5 Industrial Corridors in the country, viz, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC), Bengaluru Mumbai Economic Corridor (BMEC), Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC) and East Coast Economic Corridor (ECEC). The development of the Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC) is progressing with the completion of the master plan for the identified nodes along the CBIC. To revitalize the industries in the State of Kerala, Govt. of Kerala has proposed Kochi-Bangalore Industrial Corridor, in line with the policies of Govt. of India.

Manufacturing is a critical contributor to a Nation’s economic development. With the transformation of the Nation’s workforce predominantly into manufacturing activity, the productivity increases, better quality jobs are created and the standard of living of people improves.

Project at a Glance
  • Comprehensive Report on the proposed Kochi-Bangalore Industrial Corridor stretching over a length of ~550 km.
  • The corridor would integrate at local, national and global level through industrial development, contributing to India’s growth in overall global trade.
  • Development of Kochi-Bangalore Industrial corridor will contribute to Kerala State Vision (Perspective Plan 2030) to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 per cent in GSDP per capita for the next 20 years.